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Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes home Beverly Hills

There's no sign of moving trucks just yet, but some major changes are about to take place in Tom Cruse and Katie Holmes' $35 million Beverly Hills compound now that their marriage is officially kaput -- Suri even left her pink Escalade in the backyard!

As one of Hollywood's most powerful couples prepares to go their separate ways, there's a lot at stake for Tom, who faces a division of his $250 million in assets and a huge child support bill for his only biological daughter, who is rumored to have a $3 million wardrobe.

Cruise has starred in six big budget films since tying the knot with Katie in a lavish Italian ceremony in 2006, while the actress only appeared in the widely-panned Kennedys TV Miniseries, a few independent films, and had a brief guest spot on How I Met Your Mother. The Rock of Ages star also ranked No. 9 spot on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list, with the magazine placing his earnings at $75 million, while Holmes is worth an estimated $25 million.

Since the former couple was married for less than 11 years and signed a prenup in the state of California, Kate is not entitled to half of Tom's fortune, but she will receive $3 million for each year that she was married to Cruise (a total of $15 million), and Holmes will also receive a home in Montecito, California after the divorce becomes official.

The couple also owns a $4.7million home in Sussex, England, a $7million villa in Lake Como, Italy, a $30million home in Katie's native Telluride, Colorado (they later added a $10million bunker to the property), and a lavish Manhattan penthouse in NYC. Holmes has been frantically searching for a new place in New York, which means Tom will most likely get to keep his palatial pad in The Big Apple.

In addition to property, Tom owns three aircrafts, countless pricy cars, a 60-foot yacht and a $35million Gulfstream IV-SP, which he commissioned for Katie as a wedding gift.

Holmes is also seeking sole custody and a "suitable amount" of child support for Suri in her divorce filing, but since there is no set amount, that payment will likely be up for negotiation.

This split could potentially become one of the most expensive divorces in Hollywood history!