Kim Kardashian  leather  Louboutins   jeans It's 80 degrees in LA, and this is definitely not summer wear!

Kim Kardashian left her Beverly Hills house today wearing a leather jacket, jeans, and Louboutins, and we don't know how our favorite reality star could handle donning this outfit in the heat! Hopefully she was climbing into an air conditioned SUV, stat! Not only that, but did our favorite E! darling forget her leather dress malfunction?!

Between the heels, the Birkin, and the coat, anyone want to take a guess at how much Kimmy K's outfit cost?

Good thing she announces a new business venture almost daily... looking pretty comes at a price! KK and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney just launched their own makeup line called Khroma Beauty.

"We're so excited to partner with Boldface Licensing Branding on this new venture. There's a glam girl in all of us and it's a dream come true to have our own makeup line and to share it with women around the world," the girls said in a statement.

If there's anyone who wears knows a lot about makeup, it's Kanye's lady love!

P.S. Who rolled up to Kim's pad in a new black Lamborghini? Or is this a present from Mr. West?

Kim Kardashian  leather  Louboutins   jeans Lamborghini