article-2164199-kimk2.jpg Kim Kardashian is known for publicly playing out her love life for cameras, but for those skeptics who think her latest relationship is a ploy for press, think again!

The second part of Kim Kardashian's interview with Oprah Winfrey aired last night on OWN, and the 31-year-old dismissed rumors that she's dating Kanye West strictly to drum up media attention.

"It's your heart you're playing with. I couldn't sacrifice my heart for a publicity stunt," she revealed to the talk show host during her sit down.

So why did it take the Keeping Up with the Kardashian star so long to turn her years long friendship with the rapper into a romance?

"I don't know why it took us so long to get together... I think we've always had an attraction to each other but we've always been in other relationships or it wasn't the right timing. And one day it just happened. It took me by surprise," she added.

She went on to explain how they bonded over their shared experience of losing a parent, in addition to both being public figures in the limelight. Although she debunks recent rumors the pair is moving in together, she did confirm purchasing a pricey Lamborghini for her man's birthday.

Somewhere in the world, Kris Humphries is fuming!