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lohanboob060412_06_X17star.jpgElizabeth Taylor Liz & Dick boobs dress fuilming filming

Lindsay Lohan will do whatever it takes to play the legendary role of Elizabeth Taylor in Liz and Dick ... even if it means getting roughed up by her leading man, Grant Bowler. In the process of filming, looks like the 25-year-old starlet suffered a nip slip!

The two stars of the upcoming Lifetime biopic got into it aboard a yacht while filming a heated scene. Way to throw yourself into the role, Lilo!

After Linds landed the coveted role of one her biggest icons, her spokesperson Steve Honig revealed to the New York Daily News: "I was standing there last week for publicity shots and prep when Lindsay and Grant walked on set for the first time in full make-up and costume, and it took everyone’s breath away. It was like being on set with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. It was really a moment."

Lifetime also recently released a promotional pic of the two actors striking a very familiar pose. The photo features Lohan and Bowler in a shot that was copied from the late couple's 1967 film Comedians, and there is no denying the actress' striking resemblance to the late, two-time Oscar winning Hollywood star.

Liz and Dick premieres November 3 on Lifetime. We can't wait to see Lilo and Grant in action!