Lindsay Lohan filmed Liz & Dick at Van Nuys Airport this afternoon, and the 25-year-old starlet sported a fur coat and some serious hair when we snapped her shooting a scene where she was boarding a private jet. Poor girl must have been roasting though -- highs in the valley hit 88 degrees today, so we can understand why she only shot a minimal amount of footage in the winter wear!

In other news, Lilo's 26th birthday is coming up on July 2nd, and while Judge Stephanie Sautner warned her to stay away from the nightclubs at her last probation hearing in March, we think the starlet should be allowed to celebrate a little bit. Plus, shooting for this film should be done around then, so Lilo will have yet another reason to party!

Wonder what Liz would say if she could see Lilo on set?

Lindsay Lohan van nuys airport liz taylor filming liz & dick