Russell Brand sunglasses yoga hair

We spotted Russell Brand leaving a studio in LA, with his hair in a bun and decked out in an interesting yogi ensemble, on Thursday afternoon, and the reformed bad boy looks like he's finally at peace.

The sexy Brit had a rough year after ending his marriage to Katy Perry in December, and he recently confessed that daily yoga classes have helped him though his break up, because it’s allowed him to “tune into a higher consciousness.”

Brand recently confessed during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show last week, ”You can just use it to have a relax instead of having a fag or a drink, or you can use it to connect with a different form of consciousness ... it’s like a shower for your brain. God knows I needed one, the muck that goes on in there.”

The Arthur star added, “I try not to compartmentalize things too much into years, but generally speaking I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my life.”

Perry's upcoming flick Katy Perry: Part of Me, touches on her split from Russell, and hits theaters July 5.