scarlett-johansson-nude-hacker-230.jpgThe man who hacked the e-mail accounts of Scarlett Johansson and Christina Aguilera and leaked nude photos of the stars will serve 71 months in prison and pay his victims approximately $150,000 in compensation.

Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Florida, pleaded guilty in Los Angeles federal court to nine counts of computer hacking. Prosecutors are asking a judge to order him to pay $7,500 to Christina Aguilera, $66,179.46 to Scarlett Johansson and $76,767.35 to Renee Olstead, who stars on The Secret Life of American Teenager.

Chaney admitted that he hacked into the stars' accounts by taking their email addresses, using the “Forgot your password” feature and resetting the passwords by correctly guessing their security questions. Chaney reportedly took naked images of Johansson from emails she sent to then-husband Ryan Reynolds, and he obtained the nude photos of Aguilera from her stylist's e-mail acccount.

Assistant United States Attorneys Lisa Feldman and Wesley Hsu wrote that Chaney did not stop even after being caught, and he didn't show any remorse either. “Indeed, it was apparently such a rush that he continued to do it after the FBI had come and searched his home and seized his computer," Feldman wrote in court documents. "At least once, on an occasion after defendant’s residence had already been searched by the FBI, the recipient of the email, a secondary victim, complied."

Feldman also noted that one of Chaney’s victims "was underage for part of the 11 years that defendant was victimizing her." Feldman said that according to the victim, Chaney stole private information and underage nude photographs of her, which he posted on an adult site. Feldman added that agents recovered eight child porn videos from his computer.