Simon Cowell Porsche

When you're Simon Cowell, you can never have too many luxury cars!

The mega music mogul was looking to add a new hot rod to his massive collection of expensive rides, and he took a break from filming X Factor to visit a Porsche dealership in Beverly Hills, on Wednesday afternoon.

Things have been a bit stressful for Cowell since he began shooting the second season of The X Factor with new judge Britney Spears, and it's been reported that the pop star has walked off the set so many times, he's beginning to regret ever hiring her!

Britney is reportedly earning $10 million for her new gig, but she was accused of being "unprofessional" after leaving her seat on her first day of filming in Austin, Texas. Spear's manager Larry Rudolph insists, "Everything is fine, Britney loves being on X Factor." If Brit's antics are actually just a publicity stunt to give the show more hype, it's definitely working!