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Don't believe everything you read!

We caught Simon Cowell cruising around Beverly Hills in a towncar on Wednesday, and the X-Factor judge didn't hold back when asked about the rumors that Britney Spears was too emotionally unbalanced to handle the pressures of live TV.

"No she's not unstable, I'm the one that's unstable! She's working out great, she's doing a great job," he quipped to the cameras.

Asked if Britney was one of his favorite judges, he carefully answered by saying, "There's only two girls," referring to fellow judge Demi Lovato. In typical fashion, when asked who his favorite judge of all time was, our favorite British stud answered himself! "Yeah, I'd say Simon Cowell is a great guy. Very good looking."

So does he enjoy working with the "Toxic" singer? "Do you know what? Like I said, she's been amazing. She's really taking time to learn how to do this. She's got her confidence up. Once people give her a chance, I think people are really going to get her. It will be a big surprise. She's a tough judge."

Tougher than Mr. Cowell? "I'm a pussycat," he joked.

And there you have it folks, straight from the horses boss's mouth!