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Bethenny Frankel once confessed that Justin Bieber would be her "dream talk show" guest," and now that she has her own show, it has finally come true!

The former Real Housewives of New York sat down with the pop superstar on Monday to chat about his mentors, broken hearts, tattoos and the meaning behind his song “Maria” from his new CD Believe.

Justin said of his mentor Usher:

    "He’s always just told me to have fun. Because people can tear at you and bring you down and at the end of the day you’re working long days and you can get tired and start resenting it unless you have fun. He said just to make sure with everything keep a smile on your face and have fun."

When asked if he's ever had a broken heart, Bieber revealed, "I think to a small degree. Not really, I think that I’m still young. You know, I’m growing you know there is only time. Time can tell." Hear that, Selena?

Justin on why he wrote his song "Maria:"

    "I wanted to do something that was like…a little shocking. It was something that I’d been feeling and wanted to tell people. Because at the end of the day, you know things happen and I don’t get to really talk about it . People twist my words. So it’s like when they want to talk about it, I’m like ah, we can’t really talk about it in the interview. You know what I mean?"

"The Biebes" also revealed his grand total of tattoos: "I have five."

He concluded the interview by serenading Bethenny and daughter Brynn, check out the adorable video below!