destinys-child-new-album.jpgMathew Knowles recently sat down for an interview with The Huffington Post, and Beyonce's dad revealed that Destiny's Child will be releasing not one, but two new albums in the near future!

"[I]n November we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material," Mathew said. "It’s all released material with some previously unreleased material."

While he added that there will NOT be a reunion tour to complement the first release, he said he hoped that there would be one in the next five years. "I think it would be incredible," he added. "The hardest thing would be choosing which songs they’re going to do, because we would want to mix it up with solo hits and Destiny’s Child hits. We would have to throw away some number ones from off the set list."

When asked if he had any advice for parents who are trying to break their children into the entertainment industry, Mathew replied, "Well first, you have to start young to really be the best at anything. But the one piece of advice that I have for any parent is to make sure that it’s your child’s dream and not yours."

Matthew served as Beyonce's manager from the start of her career through 2011, and he also used to manage fellow Destiny's Child members Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, but they parted ways with him, in 2009 and 2010, respectively. It was rumored that family drama caused them to sever their professional ties, but both insisted that it was strictly business at the time the announcement was made.

But seeing as Beyonce's dad no longer manages Destiny's Child, why is dishing the deets on their projects?