jjackson082310_04_X17crop23.jpgKatherine Jackson's guardianship over Michael's three children has just been temporarily suspended.

A Superior Court judge has granted temporary guardianship to Tito Jackson's 34-year-old son, TJ.

As X17 first reported, Katherine Jackson personally spoke to TJ last night. During the conversation, TJ asked for Katherine's permission to take over guardianship and told him:

    "I don't give you authority to become temporary guardian of the children. It's not going to happen. I'm coming home tomorrow."

Katherine is currently en route back to LA from Arizona where she's been staying with her daughter, Rebbie.

The next hearing date has been scheduled for August 22.

Katherine's attorney, Perry Sanders Jr, said in a press conference following the hearing that once Katherine returns to LA, he'll be filing papers for her to be reinstated as the guardian of the three kids.

Michael's mom has been vacationing in Arizona with her daughter, Rebbie.