Catherine Zeta-Jones dress legs sunglasses shopping skirt shirt dylan douglas michael douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones was snapped with her 11-year-old son Dylan at the grocery store today, and the 42-year-old actress covered up her fit figure in a denim jacket and a long skirt. Whatevs, we know she's hiding the body of a twentysomething underneath there!

And not only is she a knockout, but she's totally humble about her life! In an interview with Stylist magazine last month, Catherine said: "I’m much more down to earth than people think. Especially with the whole 'Hollywood royalty' name tag and the lifestyle I lead. And it’s a very nice lifestyle, thanks. You know, I’ve worked very hard for it and I appreciate it but I’m just regular old Cath. I’m certainly not a snob and I don’t take anything for granted. I just thank my blessings and pray to my god every day."