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Charlie Sheen is ready to share his millions with the USO.

The Anger Management star, who appeared on The Tonight Show, talked about donating $1 million to help out injured troops. This is the largest single donation in history.

Sheen tells Leno:

    “It’s an honor for me to be able to give back to these men and women of the military who have done so much for all of us.”

The outspoken star also opened up about the possibility of joining American Idol as a judge. He told TMZ that he'd join the talent show on the following two conditions: that FX approve the deal ... and that his salary is large enough and includes a commitment that "Idol matches 20 percent of my weekly salary for Autism Speaks, JDRF, and the Boys and Girls Club."

Sheen adds, "I could be helpful and give these kids some guidance without leading them to suicide."