llohan072512_03-full.jpgsunglasses Lindsay Lohan car shots accident

Lindsay Lohan was snapped shopping at Chanel in Beverly Hills today, and what should have been a relaxing day of retail therapy ended up being another drama-filled episode for the 26-year-old actress. Lohan was just a few blocks away from the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood when she rear-ended a couple in a silver Ford Mustang at a stoplight on Sunset Blvd.

Lindsay was driving her black Porsche Panamera with assistant/BFF Gavin Doyle riding in the passenger seat, and our photographers tell us, "Lindsay was NOT driving dangerously -- it was merely a minor accident in bumper-to-bumper rush hour traffic in the Sunset Plaza neighborhood." Cops were not called to the scene and a source close to the starlet tells X17online exclusively that she's fine.

Lohan and the man behind the wheel exchanged insurance information inside the Chateau Marmont, but given the size of the scratch on the car, we're thinking there's not even a need to report this:

sunglasses Lindsay Lohan car shots accident

We chatted with the passenger in the Mustang, and while she seemed a little bit shaken up, she didn't seem too concerned about the minor damage on the back bumper. Heck, she didn't even know that she had been hit by one of the most famous faces in Hollywood until we told her -- she just assumed it was another woman behind the wheel of a Porsche! Check out the exclusive video below: