AwpfdzQCIAEwmhZ.jpg-460.jpg Hilary Duff has one cute travel buddy!

The former Lizzie Maguire star just returned from a relaxing vacation in Mexico with her sister Haylie and their parents, but she's already on the move again, this time taking her adorable baby boy to husband Mike Comrie's native Canada.

The 24-year-old new mom posted this pic to her Twitter with the caption, "Off to Canada :)" The Duffster gave birth a mere three months ago, and already she's back in bikini shape and showing off her post-pregnancy bod. The Pilates hottie has been dedicating herself to daily workout sessions, and they've certainly paid off.

Little Luca looked just like his superstar mom when he was born, but the older he gets we think he looks more like his retired NHL daddy.

Baby Comrie's passport sure is gathering stamps!