blonde Hilary Duff post baby body workout tank top sneakers

After spending last week in New York, Hilary Duff is back in town, and she's also back to working off the baby weight!

The starlet has been busting her booty at Pilates to drop the last few post-pregnancy pounds, and even though she gave birth four months ago, we think she's right on track! Maybe she should give Jessica Simpson a few pointers?

After attending a baby shower and stocking up on groceries over the weekend, Hilary tweeted on Sunday night just before 10pm, "In bed reading a script and getting sucked into @singer22 cute stuff but my..eyes..are..closing zzzzz night." Wonder what script she's reading? Think it's for TV or film? We've love to see the former Lizzie McGuire star back on the big (or small) screen!