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Dropping baby weight is hard to do!

Jessica Simpson's first Weight Watchers weigh-in must have been a huge wake up call, because we spotted the new mom heading straight for the gym on Monday morning in LA, where she's currently working with a private trainer to drop the 70 lbs she gained during pregnancy.

It's widely known that the former Newlyweds star has been hired as the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers, and her $4 million contract requires that she shed at least 20-30 lbs by the end of August or she could miss out on her hefty payday.

When she's not hitting the gym, Simpson has been spending all her free time with darling baby Maxwell, and the singer recently shared a Twitpic of her little girl lounging in the gardens behind Jess' lavish LA mansion, with the caption: "Life."

She may only be two months old, but baby Maxwell is already living it up!