divorcefinalized230.jpg Katy Perry and Russell Brand are officially dunzo!

The "Wide Awake" pop star and the British comedian finalized their divorce today, after filing a request to dissolve their marriage back in February. Brand, 37, blindsided Perry, 27, by announcing his decision to split in December after a mere 14 months of marriage.

The once happy couple reportedly were torn apart by distance and Brand's desire to start a family, which the singer wasn't ready for. In her new documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me , the bubbly Grammy winner admits lasting love isn't as easy at it looks.

"The truth is I'm a romantic and I believed in the fairy tale... I did everything I could but I still failed. The dream of being in love is a lot different than the reality of making it work," she explained.

We're waiting to see if things heat up between KP and her rumored new boyfriend, Florence + the Machine guitarist Robert Ackroyd!