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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West kissed goodbye after hitting the gym together, and instead of showering and spending time with her honey, Kim drove away in her black Rolls Royce immediately after dropping her boyfriend off. The reality starlet tweeted, "Good workout today! I'm gonna be sooo sore tomorrow! And so far I haven't eaten any sugar! I pray this lasts!"

The duo made their first public appearance as a couple in April, and since then he's been spending much more time at his Hollywood Hills pad, which he's reportedly trying to unload again. Rumor has it Kimye are looking for a love nest of their own, but given how fast everything else has moved in their relationship, we wouldn't be surprised if they settled in somewhere by the end of the summer! Think Kanye will propose before 2013?

In other Kim news, the reality starlet posted yet another snap from her recent photo shoot (we still don't know what it's for), and in this one she's riding a gorgeous black horse. And without a saddle? What a daredevil!