AzD1ksjCIAIcjAe460.jpg Some stars would never take a photo without full hair and makeup, but not Miss Miley!

Miley Cyrus woke up bright and early today, and decided to give her Twitter followers a peek at what she looks like in the morning with no makeup and messy hair. Brave! "Ok don't judge my hair I just woke up. But look at Zigz face :) she looks like she's guarding purgatory. so wise," she captioned the candid shot of her and her dog.

Although she looks a little sleepy eyed, there's no denying the future Mrs. Hemsworth is a natural beauty! And how adorable is her bulldog? No wonder Liam wants to be part of this happy family!

We bet the engaged singer set her alarm to seize the day with a workout at Winsor Pilates! Speaking of her favored studio, owner Mari Winsor recently released an at-home DVD of the exercises that helped sculpt the Hannah Montana star's enviable physique.

"Miley is a fan of all pilates exercises, in particular the ones that sculpt the abs. In pilates, every exercise that you do is focused on the abs, or as we call it in pilates, your powerhouse. The 100, the double leg stretch, and the criss cross are all crucial to sculpting your abs," the famed instructor explained to FabSugar.

For just $15 you can have abs of steel just like Ms. Cyrus!