Paris Jackson has apologized to her uncle Randy Jackson following a very public Twitter feud.

Although the 14-year-old actress' apology has been deleted, she has left up the following:

    "an apology is an apology i don't care who you are or what you've done , i will have open ears and an open mind"

A source close to the Jackson family tells X17 exclusively, "Everything has been smoothed over between Paris and the family, however the will is still being investigated."

The online feud started following a letter sent from Michael Jackson's siblings which demanded that John Branca and John McClain step down as executors to the King of Pop's will. The letter also mentioned that Katherine Jackson's health was failing after the 82-year-old matriarch suffered a mini-stroke.

Following the release of the letter, Paris Tweeted:

    "Hello, dear family member. I don't appreciate you telling everyone things that aren't true, thank you very much. I am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened. She is completely fine."

Jermaine Jackson recently Tweeted that his mother did, in fact, suffer a mini-stroke two months ago despite Paris saying her grandma is completely well.