KHolmes062212_05_230final.jpg Katie Holmes stands to receive as much as $50 million in her divorce settlement from Tom Cruise, according to prominent LA family attorney Lisa Helfend Meyer.

Meyer told Celebuzz Cruise may be required to pay anywhere between $20 to $50 million as a lump sum for the high profile split, and that is before child support!

"A reasonable range, to me, would be between $20 and 30 [million]. That's a lot of money. Plus, she gets her child support. In California, it's usually 7-10% of a person's income - which, in [Cruise's] case, would make it exorbitant. Assuming his income is $20 million a year, in California, he's a high-income earner. Therefore, the amount of [child] support is based on Suri's reasonable needs," she explains.

Suri's reasonable needs?! Uh oh, Tom better be ready to fork over a fortune!

"I think the deal was basically [Holmes] got primary custody in New York, which has very liberal visitation rights, and a lump sum amount of money. I think there was a lot of money attached to the settlement," Meyer adds.

Divorce isn't cheap in Hollywood!