articletara072412jpg This doesn't look like the face of someone under the weather!

After it was reported last week that Tara Reid had been hospitalized with acute pancreatitis while on vacation in St. Tropez, the American Reunion actress took to her Twitter to debunk the rumors and show the world she's happy, healthy, and soaking up the sun in the lap of luxury!

While the blonde beauty admits she went to the hospital, she insists it was more for vacation-related reasons! "Everyone these stories I'm reading about myself are not true I got hurt on a jetski and went to the hospital to get x ray and I'm fine," she wrote to her fans.

A water sport accident wasn't the only thing that troubled our favorite party girl, however! She must have had some bad shellfish, because she added, "Don't worry everyone I'm all good and healthy I got food poisoning and hurt my back on the jetski but I'm all better thanks for caring."

From the ER to the open seas! Life's a beach for Ms. Reid!