o-TOM-CRUISE-SURI-CRUISE-DI.jpg It's the happiest place on Earth!

Tom Cruise put the divorce drama behind him to enjoy more "deep and meaningful contact" with his daughter Suri at Disney World on Monday, and happy pair were all smiles on their family day at the theme park! The fashionable 6-year-old was dressed as Ariel from The Little Mermaid as she strolled through the Magic Kingdom hand-in-hand with her action star dad.

"She was walking around like she owned the place, having the time of her life, and Tom, who looked really handsome was talking to her, was really engaging with her," onlooker Marianne Cohen told People.

Twitter user Alex Feoli even managed to snap this pic of the adorable duo!

Katie Holmes is probably back in New York making calls to every hip children's venue trying to figure out how to top this day of excitement!