Tom Cruise trailer oblivion katie holmes filming scientology divorce

Despite the fact that he's going through a very public divorce from Katie Holmes, it was business as usual for Tom Cruise yesterday on the set of Oblivion in June Lake, California. Tom appeared to be in good spirits, and after taking a one week break from shooting he seems ready to move on with his professional life. But what about his love life?

Rumors are swirling that Cruise and his Oblivion co-star Olga Kurylenko are possibly heating things up offscreen, as sources tell the NY Post that the two have “a great deal of chemistry.” However, Cruise’s rep insists that this is not a quickie rebound, telling the Post, “They are shooting a movie and they are actors — their chemistry on set is them acting. It’s their job.”

A source added that Kurylenko is dating Danny Huston, her co-star in Starz’s Magic City, and Huston has been a regular visitor to Oblivion shooting locations in New Mexico, Iceland, Louisiana. I guess that settles that!

But who WILL Tom date next?