She may be known for her poker-face, but Victoria Beckham definitely knows how to cheese it up for the cameras!

Posh and her family jetted up to Napa Valley over the weekend, and shortly after landing she took her three sons to an aquatic park and posed for the adorable shot above. She tweeted, "'Such a special day with the children swimming with dolphins!!! They are so beautiful!!!! x vb."

Victoria is back in the states after making a brief appearance in London to launch the new Spice Girls musical Viva Forever!, and this week it looks like she'll be busy putting the finishing touches on daughter Harper's first birthday party.

Harper turns one on July 10, and a source told Closer magazine: "Victoria's spending around 50,000 pounds [$78,000]. 'The garden will be filled with big pink cuddly toys, pony rides, a bouncy castle, balloons and tons of cupcakes. It'll be totally pink. It sounds odd, but she's even hiring special dyed-pink rabbits. They haven't had a house party since they got their Beverly Hills mansion totally renovated so they wanted a big celebration to show that off too." Fancy!