princetjsidebyside460pic.jpgTJ pic courtesy of Facebook

Katherine Jackson's attorney, Perry Sanders Jr., tells X17online exclusively, "We're trying to hammer out the details this week to protect Mrs. Jackson and the children."

Sanders adds that he won't be returning to court until the scheduled court date of August 22, but in the meantime, "We're dotting all our i's and crossing our t's."

When Katherine Jackson requested that he meet with she and nephew TJ at her house, the attorney tells us, "I didn't know what to expect."

TJ Jackson, Tito Jackson's 34-year-old son, was granted temporary guardianship over Michael's three children ... Paris, Prince and Blanket. Since Michael's death in 2009, his 82-year-old mother has been in charge of the kids.

Sanders recalls the moment Prince Jackson, 15, walked into the room where TJ and Mrs. Jackson were discussing their guardianship plans. Sanders, who witnessed the two cousins interacting, tells X17online:

    "There's a close bond there and a definite sense of unity. Contrary to what people think, there was absolutely zero animosity between those two. I felt nothing but love in the room."

Sanders, who says he met with Prince, Paris and TJ last Friday, adds, "Anybody saying something to the contrary obviously isn't in the know."