alexisbellinoshortlong460.jpg Out with the old, in with the new!

Real Housewives of Orange County star Alexis Bellino debuted a dramatic new 'do on her Twitter account today, and we love her new look! The 35-year-old removed her hair extensions and cut her tresses into a short, blond bob, and is it just us or does she look years younger?!

"I wanted to do this cut for over a year!" she captioned the snapshot. "After last season nothing scares me! Thoughts?"

Co-star Gretchen Rossi, who showed off a shorter style similar to Bellino's last month, let her claws come out over the makeover.

"Funny when people copy a lot of things you do! Weird or compliment," she tweeted.

The back and forth insult trading continued over the microblogging site, with Bellino getting the last word when she laid claim to longer locks in the future.

"Let's just put this fire out now... I'm probably putting extensions back in 365 days from now and I'm not copying anyone. I'm calling it now. LOL," she snapped.

Meow ladies!