bynes-accident-230.jpgJust take her license away already!

Troubled starlet Amanda Bynes has been accused of a hit-and-run after allegedly rear-ending a woman in the valley over the weekend and driving away without exchanging insurance information.

A spokesperson for the LAPD tells X17online that a police report was phoned in on Saturday, but it hasn't been signed and the accident is "currently under investigation," as police have yet to confirm that it was Bynes behind the wheel.

According to the police report, the victim, identified simply as Kisa, stated that she was driving on Ventura Boulevard when her Toyota Corolla was struck by a woman in a black BMW. Kisa tells TMZ that Bynes "looked like a hot mess," so she didn't recognize her right away, but after the two began talking, she realized who it was.

Kisa says she pulled out her insurance information, but Bynes declined to do the same and apparently told her the damage from the collision seemed minimal. Bynes "seemed nervous" about handing over her insurance card, and added there was no need to exchange information, even though Kisa says there was "significant damage" to Bynes' vehicle. Bynes then fled the scene, at which point Kisa called the police.

Bynes was arrested on suspicion of a DUI on April 6 when she allegedly hit a police car in West Hollywood (she was charged in June), and she was reportedly accused of two other hit-and-run incidents on May 5 and May 27, but no reports were filed for either of those incidents.