Colin Farrell Sunset Towers West Hollywood This is quite the outfit, Sir!

Colin Farrell exited the Sunset Tower in Hollywood looking mismatched in a business-looking blazer that he oddly paired with track pants and running shoes. Was the sexy Irish actor filming something that required him to look dressy only from the waist up? If not, we have no explanation for this fashion fail!

He might be committing style crimes, but the Total Recall star has improved his life in every other area. Talking about his newfound love of yoga, the 36-year-old told Observer magazine: "It's helped to stay away from the cocaine and the whiskey. Life moves in cycles. I'm not going to say there was a particular day or time when things changed, or even that I'm a different man. I enjoy the work more. I enjoy being a dad more. I enjoy doing things I never thought I'd enjoy."

Time to hire a stylist Colin!