Dana Wilkey dress legs beverly hills real housewives smile butt reality tv Aren't you a little old to be acting like this, Miss Wilkey?

Dana Wilkey and her Irish real estate developer boyfriend Philip Marley went for dinner in Hollywood last night, and we're not exactly sure why her beau decided to pick her up and hoist her into the air, but we almost got a glimpse of her backside! The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star didn't seem to mind her lady parts almost being shown to the world, but we would have preferred if she kept them under wraps!

The feisty couple met through mutual friends at a July 4th BBQ and are now co-producing a new show titled Rich and Ditched, which focuses on a bunch of 40-plus divorcees who are incredibly wealthy and living in Malibu. Sounds fascinating...

Is it just us or did the bubbly brunette go under the knife recently? Co-star Lisa Vanderpump's husband Ken famously called her "chubby," and insults like that can make anyone insecure about their appearance. Something is definitely different about her face that we just can't put our finger on!

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