David Arquette Bootsey Bellows striped shorts tee short beard dirty ratty sneakers converse

David Arquette was spotted outside of his West Hollywood nightclub on Wednesday afternoon, and it looks like he's getting ready for a big bash at Bootsy Bellows tonight!

Yesterday the 40-year-old actor tweeted a photo of some sexy outfits and wrote, "Have you got your nurse costume for the @BootsyBellows @MettaWorldPeace Nerds and Nurses party?" We're guessing David will be wearing a wacky suit and glasses, and not a latex nurse outfit...

In case you were wondering, Bootsy Bellows is named after Arquette’s mother, as it was her burlesque name some years ago. Pin-up style photos of her are all over the inside of the club, so if you happen to stumble into the Hollywood hotspot, be sure to check them out!