sunglasses weight sneakers Fergie  Josh Duhamel hat iron maiden pregnant

Fergie and Josh Duhamel went to brunch on Sunday in Los Angeles, and the singer concealed her stomach under a baggy top and a floppy leather vest. While she could be going through a concert t-shirt phase (last week it was Journey and the Ramones, this one's emblazoned with the Iron Maiden logo), we do find it interesting that a) everything she's been wearing has been a bit loose and b) Fergie and Josh went to a medical center in Beverly Hills last week, causing further speculation that they're planning for a baby.

Of course, last week she tweeted a photo of herself at a Voli Spirits party (she's a co-owner and spokesperson for the vodka company), and she's seen holding onto a bright red drink in a martini glass. Any chance it was a virgin cocktail or is all this baby blabber completely bogus?