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After a family vacay in Sardinia to celebrate her father's birthday, Heidi Klum is back in the states with her 4 children, Leni, Henry, Johan and little Lou.

The 39-year-old Project Runway hostess may not be modeling for Victoria's Secret anymore, but she tweeted this pic from her trip just to remind us that she's still got it:


While Heidi's getaway was undoubtedly quite relaxing, there's a bit of drama waiting for her here in LA, as she's still feuding with ex-husband Seal. It turns out he used personal photos of their children in a series of Leica camera ads without Heidi's permission, and she's since hired a lawyer and demanded that the ads be removed from the company's website.

After the couple announced their divorce in January, Seal challenged Klum's request for primary physical custody of the children, asking instead that they both be given equal time with the kids, and he also reportedly contested her claim that there were no joint assets to be split between the two of them. (For the record, Seal has an estimated net worth of $15 million, while Klum is worth $70 million.)