sunglasses lax airport Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner landed at LAX last night, and the 41-year-old actor was surprised by the amount of attention he received when he walked out of the terminal. He may have been nominated for two Oscars over the years, but fame doesn't seem to have changed him one bit!

And speaking of traveling, during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote The Bourne Legacy, Jeremy recalled an awkward experience he had on a recent flight. "I had to get off the plane to go to work, so I had to sleep on the plane," he told Jimmy. "So I take a little sleeping pill, pop it and realize nothing's happening – but something else was happening."

It turns out what he thought was Ambien was actually Viagra, which was given to him by a friend. "Not only did I not sleep the entire [10 hour] flight, [but] there was no walking. If I had to go to the restroom, it was so embarrassing." Yikes! Sounds like he got punked...

In case you haven't seen The Bourne Legacy, click thru to check out the trailer!