Joan Rivers knows how to create controversy!

The comedienne/Fashion Police host Tweeted Friday that Rihanna's an "idiot" for confessing her true feelings to Oprah about Chris Brown, who physically assaulted the singer in February 2009.

Wrote Rivers: "Rihanna confessed to Oprah Winfrey that she still loves Chris Brown. Idiot! Now it's my turn to slap her."

To which Rihanna replied: "Wow, you really do get slow when you're old, huh?" However the sexy pop star quickly deleted the Tweet.

79-year-old Rivers went on to say: "Honey, Rihanna, everyone knows: If he hit you once, he'll hit you again. Read the statistics," Rivers warned. "PS -- Love to have you on Fashion Police!"

Rihanna told Winfrey last Sunday on Oprah's Next Chapter that she still has feelings for Brown, despite the incident: "We love each other and we probably always will, and that's not anything that we're going to try to change. I think he was the love of my life. He was my first love and I see that he loved me the same way. I truly love him. The main thing for me is he's at peace. I'm not at peace if he's not happy or he's still lonely. I care. It actually matters that he finds that peace."