Katherine Jackson, as well as Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson, are being used as "pawns" to cover up the fact that Michael Jackson's will is fraudulent, according to a Jackson family source.

Contrary to various online reports, Katherine's children stress they are not after the money in Michael's estate.

Our source adds:

    "Everyone knows that even if Michael didn't have a will written up, his children would be given the money from the estate by default. His siblings obviously aren't after his fortune because they were never set to earn it in the first place. It's about revealing the truth and who's behind the fake document."

Family members believe the temporary guardianship situation was created by the estate executors as a diversion from the investigation into the validity of the will. This morning, Katherine was reinstated as guardian of Michael's three children with her grandson TJ serving as co-guardian until the next court hearing on August 22.

The source goes on to say:

    "Interesting how only those children who are removing their name from the letter, like Jermaine recently did, are being allowed to see their mother. The rest have been banned from seeing her or even speaking to her on the phone."

The letter that's being referred to is the one sent from Michael's siblings to John Branca and John McClain ... asking them to resign as co-executors of the King of Pop's estate because they've "failed to perform" their duties.

We've reached out to both Branca and McClain for comment, but have yet to hear back.