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Kim Kardashian is almost as famous for her daily workouts as she is for her reality star status, and when we caught up with her as she headed to yet another sweat session, she revealed the Olympics have motivated her to kick it up a notch!

"That is my inspiration, seeing Serena Williams take home the gold. I'm doing a triple workout today," she replied when asked if the competitive games influenced her fitness routine. Coincidentally, Ms. Williams is one of Kimmy K's besties, so if she never needs tips on how to train, we're sure her pal would be happy to help!

So is the gold medal tennis pro the E! darling's favorite Olympian? "Yes. Besides Bruce Jenner... but that's like, senior citizen version," she quipped.

For everyone that has been hiding under a rock, Bruce Jenner is the 31-year-old's stepdad. We wonder what he thinks of his famous stepdaughter calling him out for being past his prime?

Kim does know a thing or two about athletes...