blonde Lauren Conrad the hills white jeans raybans flats Someone's spending that Hills money!

Lauren Conrad indulged in some retail therapy in Santa Monica yesterday, and the reality star looks like she did some damage based on the number of shopping bags she was carrying! The MTV darling looked California chic in white skinny jeans, a denim button down, and Ray Ban aviators as she lugged her purchases to the car.

The 26-year-old Laguna Beach native recently opened up about her painful breakup with boyfriend of three years Kyle Howard. Both parties stayed mum on the split after they called it quits in June 2011, but now the blonde beauty is offering some advice to her fans who are at the same point in their lives.

"One thing to keep in mind while you are attending weddings, showers and other events celebrating your friends' relationships is that these aren't things you are missing out on. They are things you have to look forward to. I was in a similar place last year. Twenty-five, newly single and helping one of my best friends plan her wedding, so I know how it can feel," she explained of her mixed emotions being mid-20's and unattached.

LC is now happily dating USC law student William Tell after being set up with him by pals on Valentine's Day.

"It can be hard to feel like you have to start from scratch when you have invested so much time with a person, but shortly after my break up I realized something: I wasn't losing the chance to have love - I was getting the opportunity to do it all over again," she added.

The Hills are alive with the sound of romance!