Guess Madge is burying the hatchet!

During Madonna's concert in France on Tuesday, the pop princess dedicated a song to her rival Elton John! Before performing her hit "Masterpiece," the Queen of Pop told the crowd that the "Candle In The Wind" crooner was a "big fan" of hers. Then she added, "I forgive him."

Her nice gesture might have been on the sinister side, though! That particular tune won the 54-year-old a Golden Globe earlier this year, which sparked backlash when Elton's partner David Furnish claimed she didn't deserve to win.

The British chart topper fanned the flames of the feud earlier this month when he called Madonna a "fairground stripper" and claimed "her career is over."

Dedicating a song to someone is such a heartfelt gesture, but only if you truly mean it!