lohan071612_09_X17crop230new.jpgMichael Lohan says there is no truth to reports his daughter Lindsay stole pricey watches and jewelry from Samir Magid, the owner of the home where the theft allegedly took place.

Papa Lohan tells X17online exclusively:

    "I have Sam Magid telling me that NOTHING was stolen!! That's it, bottom line! If Nothing was taken, how can there be a crime?

    I don't care what witnesses they say they have. A witness to what? Does Sam have his jewlery as he told me he does ( and I have PROOF of)! Yes!! So where do witnesses or theft fit in? This is a clear cut case of prejudice, profiling and malicious prosecution!"

Lohan says Magid texted the following message, "It's erroneous. I have zero jewelry taken. Zero watches taken. Its all nonsense. Total nonsense."