miley460twitter.jpg Could she be referring to her hunky Aussie fiance?

Not quite! Miley Cyrus decided to treat her Twitter followers to an early morning snapshot today, and the 19-year-old star's new haircut looked a little disheveled in the pic she captioned, "Woke up to sloppy wet kisses from the cutest boy on the planet!!! Guess who?" We wish she was talking about Liam, not about her pooch!

The engaged star has been receiving a lot of flack recently for her new 'do, and although she's made some bold style choices as of late, don't expect the former Disney queen to go overboard in the aesthetics department!

Rumors swirled recently that the Tennessee native has been getting a little professional help achieving the perfect kissable pout, but The Last Song star debunked the chatter as soon as it began, tweeting, "Definitely don't get my lips injected. It's so sad that people have done so much s**t to their face people don't believe in natural beauty."

Miss Miley seems to be an open book, so we have no doubt she's telling the truth!