sunglasses tank top sneakers work out Nicole Richie  Nicole Richie treats the world as her catwalk, and heading to the gym is just another opportunity to look fashionable!

The reality star squeezed in her daily workout yesterday in Studio City, and she made sure to keep hydrated and healthy with a green orange juiced drink. Now that the 30-year-old is busy developing a clothing line with Macy's and modeling the outfits herself in their new ad campaign, we don't blame her for making fitness a priority!

Mrs. Joel Madden recently revealed to Britain's Glamour magazine about how she prepared for her foray into fashion, stating, "You need to study your craft. Know it well before you jump in. I wait all the time. Because I don't want to just put my name on something and then release it. What's the point of that?"

So how comfortable is Mrs. Joel Madden being in front of the cameras? "I feel great about my body. You know, aesthetically I can be picky, but I choose not to be. I've taken huge leaps. I'm proud of that. I work out, and I get lots of sleep, and so I feel great. And that is so important," she explained.

Not only is her body looking amazing, her hair has never looked better! Were you at Andy Lecompte salon recently getting your tresses done Nic?