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Olivier Martinez is a good secret keeper!

The Dark Tide actor stopped by a florist in Hollywood this morning to pick up some pedals, presumably for his fiancee Halle Berry, and when our photographer asked when the wedding was, the hunky Frenchman put his finger to his mouth and coyly said, "Shhh." Is he trying to keep the public from speculating about the big day?!

Speaking of speculation, rumors the wedding had been called off circulated on the Internet yesterday after his lady love was photographed without her emerald engagement ring while running errands. Although her rep has yet to respond to our request for a comment, we're resting easy that the couple are very much together, as it has now been revealed they were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner at Taverna Tonys in Malibu the previous night.

We're dying for these lovebirds to get hitched already!