paulyd091210_02_230.jpg Gym, tan, make millions!

Jersey Shore star Pauly D has made quite the name for himself outside reality TV, and he's got the loot to prove it! The 32-year-old netted $11 million last year, landing him in the #7 spot on Forbes first ever top-earning DJ's list!

"Everybody was skeptical at first, because how everybody heard about me is probably from Jersey Shore. But now I'm six seasons deep in the show and I've been touring all over the country, touring with major pop acts and stuff like that. That legitimizes everything, and they're starting to say, 'This kid isn't just a reality star, he's an actual DJ," he explained of his rise to stardom in the music world.

Earning a mere $200 a gig when he first started out his DJ career in Providence, the Italian stallion now pulls in an estimated $40,000 a night spinning at the hottest clubs around the world. He played 132 shows last year, so you do the math!

In addition to DJ residencies at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and Harrah's in Atlantic City, our favorite fist pumper is also working on a debut album, filming his spinoff The Pauly D Project, working on his clothing line Dirty Couture and his tanning lotion Bronze Beats, partnering with 50 Cent on a headphone line, and launching his own line of REMIX pre-game cocktails... all while making $100,000 an episode filming Jersey Shore with his housemates!

How does he have time to GTL these days?!