minajidol230.jpg It's Pepsi v. Coke!

Nicki Minaj is close to finalizing her contract to becoming a judge on American Idol, but her deal with Pepsi is holding things up! The soda brand sponsors her tour, but American Idol is sponsored by Coca-Cola, so execs for the singing competition are furiously trying to figure out how to remedy the situation, as sources reveal they are eager to announce the Pink Friday singer's new gig before auditions begin in the next week or two.

Assuming they hammer out negotiations, Minaj will join already confirmed judge Mariah Carey on the hit show, which will undoubtedly lend itself to some diva drama that the head hauncho's hope will bring in the ratings.

Both Keith Urban and Brad Paisley are also in talks to join the judging panel, but those reports have yet to be confirmed. Execs had hoped for Enrique Iglesias, but sources tell the New York Post that the Latin superstar wasn't thrilled about being on a show that would draw more public attention to his personal life.

This season should be interesting!