hollywood Russell Brand studio sweaty beard long hair barefoot

And this isn't the first time we've spotted the British comedian walking around Los Angeles barefoot!

Last month Russell Brand was snapped checking out vintage rides in Beverly Hills, and even though the cars cost upwards of $200,000, he looked like a slightly hotter than average homeless man. Today we spotted Russell arriving at his Hollywood studio, and despite his disheveled appearance, he was in a great mood. Maybe because his new FX show, Brand X just got picked up for a second season? Or is a certain brunette still keeping him busy?

In other Rusty Rockets news, Annie Leibovitz has released this shot of the star in her Disney Dream Portrait series, where he poses as Captain Hook:

russell_brand-lg.jpgAnnie Leibovitz for Disney Parks

"There are similarities between me and Captain Hook in that I am an eaten, educated, piratical buccaneer living on the high seas stealing and robbing and loathing the perpetual innocence and childhood of Pan," Brand joked of the photo. "Peter Pan! Oh, how I hate him! And as for that crocodile that nipped my end. I'm fuming!"