courtneystoddenswapout230.jpg She made a name for herself by marrying 52-year-old actor Doug Hutchison and prancing around in lucite heels at pumpkin patches, and apparently her outrageous antics have paid off!

17-year-old Courtney Stodden has finally landed her very own reality show! The underage bombshell took to her Twitter account to announce the happy news, telling her followers, "FYI Stoddenistas: Will be m.i.a for about 3 weeks - packing up & heading out to shoot a reality show! Love you all xxx God Bless, Courtney."

Her mother Krista Keller, who incidentally is younger than her daughter's husband, acts as her manager and confirmed the news to Celebuzz. "People are going to be very excited. She [Courtney] is going to be gone for about three weeks. I will be there with her on the show and her husband will be by her side also," she recently revealed.

Although critics are quick to slam the controversial couple for their massive age difference, the spouses hope to prove that true love can be ageless...

We will have to see it to believe it!