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Janet Jackson's attorney, Blair Brown, is demanding that gossip website, TMZ, retract "false and defamatory" statements in regards to a story claiming Michael Jackson's estate "offers to pay for Janet Jackson's condo."

In a letter sent to TMZ's attorney, Brown writes:

    "By this letter, I inform you that an article regarding my client that appeared on TMZ.com on August 14, 2012 is false and defamatory. That article is "Michael Jackson Estate Offers to Pay for Janet Jackson's Condo." Specifically, the article states that the Estate of Michael Jackson filed documents in the probate court requesting that the estate be permitted "to foot a portion of the bill on Janet's mortgage on her posh Las Vegas condo." That statement is false."

In addition to mentioning that Janet "purchased the home outright ten years ago for her mother's use," the letter goes on to say:

    "The additional false story about Ms. Jackson this week on TMZ.com, posted with the knowledge that it would be repeated on hundreds of other websites, demonstrates, at a minimum, a pattern of reckless disregard for the truth in TMZ's reporting on Ms. Jackson and strongly suggests that TMZ is engaged in a malicious campaign to defame her."

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